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Diary of a Country Priest

Father John Twisleton reveals the highs, lows and oddities of life as a parish priest in deepest Sussex. Read his diary to find out more.

The life of St Giles, Horsted Keynes, impacts around 2000 folk in the village immediately as well as those who link to us in different ways by... More

It’s mid-January and I can look back on achievements over Christmas and forward to a break somewhere in the sunshine. More

At my ordination as a priest 37 years ago the Bishop asked me this question in Sheffield Cathedral: 'Will you give your faithful diligence …... More

Since my last blog input I have been in Guyana in South America which took me from my key ministry in the Sussex village of Horsted Keynes for... More

The origin of Lent is in Christian initiation at Easter, the preparation of candidates for baptism with a fast and eventually the accompanying... More

It's halfway through Lent, second busiest time of the year. It's also my five year anniversary as parish priest. I'm looking back at achievement... More

So how was your Christmas? 

Mine was extremely taxing. I felt the force of Paul’s words to Corinth: ‘We are not competent of ourselves to claim... More

Liking it neat is good - as far as it goes. I like to leave my desk neat, my ‘immediate action’ in tray clear and my e-mail inbox empty. More

There is a paradox about living connected via information technology (IT) when most of my parishioners can be reached within fifteen minutes... More

There can be few joys for a priest to exceed being approached about confirmation training. To have two such approaches on Pentecost Sunday itself... More