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Diary of a Country Priest

Father John Twisleton reveals the highs, lows and oddities of life as a parish priest in deepest Sussex. Read his diary to find out more.

I am personally relieved the legislation failed but sorry at the perceived high profile slight to women and hurt felt by proponents. Since hardly... More

Horsted Keynes is 10min from Haywards Heath and so less than an hour from London. The village has changed character in recent years to be much... More

We deal more than most with 'hatching, matching and dispatching' in the Church of England. More

St Giles, Horsted Keynes is a country parish that’s one of the 389 parishes across Sussex in Chichester diocese served by 553 priests and employed... More

Welcome to tales of a parish priest in deepest Sussex! The glories of the Church of England! Sometimes you feel like the Mayor as the only resident... More