Film Reviews

Rev Simon Carver takes a look at the latest films hitting a big screen near you, once a month on Inspirational Breakfast.

This month Simon watched a cosmic fantasy (allegedly based on fact), a disappointing - yet festive - children's sequel, and an historical drama... More

This month Simon watched a family-friendly alternative to Halloween flicks, a rather hit-and-miss romcom, and a dark socio-pathic thriller. More

This month Simon watched the last of Philip Seymour Hoffmann's roles, the latest Woody Allen and a very British caper. More

Dawn of the Plant of the Apes is the sequel to Rise of TPOTA and the new film continues the story of how apes – rather than the meek – inherit... More

Belle is the first of two films this month that can be described as ‘mash-ups’ ie. ‘film X meets film Y’. However in the case of Belle it is... More

Next Goal Wins tells the story of the football team from American Samoa and their campaign to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. They... More

You wouldn’t think that a reviewer would need to beware of spoilers in a film version of one of the most familiar Old Testament stories, but... More

Chris Pine is the latest actor to play Jack Ryan, a character created by thriller author Tom Clancy, and follows in the footsteps of Alex Baldwin... More

Solomon Northup was a black man who was living in ‘free’ New York state in 1841. While visiting Washington he was kidnapped and taken to New... More