Her Glass Slipper

Meet the "Christian Carrie Bradshaw" - on her quest to find a potential prince - as she blogs on all matters of the heart, soul and wardrobe malfunctions.

When it comes to Mighty Men, they are intrinsically clear about their intentions with women.  More

Sitting in my study, I was hugely aware that there is an epidemic of codependency radically sweeping much of the world. More

Last weekend I decided to dress up like a mechanic and speak at Youth Work Summit Conference in Kent. A ted talk equivalent, looking at how do... More

I had the pleasure of writing for Moral Revolution just recently. I’m a huge supporter of their work and all the team do from counselling people... More

It’s probably every blogger’s dream when the reaction created from the last post creates such a stir you receive not only emails and private... More

It’s been a while since I went on a date, perhaps through choice, more like fear of losing my singledom (why would she want to be single at 34??).... More

When it comes to Mr. Relationship, (and I would like to speak on his behalf) he disdains repetition. Oh sure he loves the chant of the good things:... More

The reason why so many boys and girls aren’t willing to jump off the precipice and dive into a season of courting is because often, the community... More

‘Alright, out with it toots’. Gian taps the table over breakfast. More

How easy is it to turn down a man? Especially when you are placed in the dichotomy of wanting that man to be in your life permanently. He could... More