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Politics Today

Premier's political editor, Martyn Eden, looks at what is happening in the corridors of power through a Christian perspective.

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British politics is in an almighty mess and there are no quick or easy ways to sort it out. Brexit is obviously one of the causes of this mess,... More

Britain is fast becoming a secular society, presenting the faith communities with a serious challenge.The statistics tell people of faith we... More

There is something approaching a crisis of leadership in British politics.  More

There is no denying that Brexit has deeply divided the nation. In the 2016 Referendum 51.89% voted to leave the European Union and 48.11% voted... More

The Christchurch Mosque shootings that killed 50 Muslims and injured another 50 shocked us all. New Zealand has an image of being a peaceful... More

The UK is the 5th largest economy in the world but four million Britons live more than 50% below the poverty line, which means 1.5 million people... More

The increasing number of fatal stabbings has prompted talk of a national crisis. The number of stabbings has increased alarmingly from a low... More

Population size and density are sensitive political issues in the UK. We are an island with 426 people per square Kilometre. In Europe only the... More

Making choices is something we all do from the moment we wake in the morning to the moment we fall asleep at night. Even choosing to do nothing... More

The decision by Nissan to produce their new model car in Japan instead of Sunderland, because of the “continued uncertainty around the UK’s future... More