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Politics Today

Premier's political editor, Martyn Eden, looks at what is happening in the corridors of power through a Christian perspective.

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Syria’s use of chemical weapons in an attack on Douma last weekend, killing 40 people, is but the latest in a series of such outrages. President... More

The decision to ban Christians from praying outside an abortion clinic will cause deep disappointment for those involved but we must expect challenges... More

One factor driving Brexit has been a commitment to the primacy of the nation state. Leavers perceived the EU to be moving towards a federal union... More

There is no doubt that the 2016 referendum exposed deep divisions in British society that will not be easily healed. In the highest voter turnout... More

Immigration is a hot political issue and was one of the factors that influenced the Brexit vote in 2016. Britain has a noble history of welcoming... More

‘No deal would be better than a bad deal’ was the Prime Minister’s opinion as she launched UK negotiations to leave the EU. There is no doubt... More

If, as seems inevitable, the UK Government is convinced that the attempted murder of Sergei and Yulia Skripal using a nerve gas was the work... More

Freedom of religion and belief, which includes non-belief and the right to change one’s belief, is a universal principle formally recognised... More

The draft EU Treaty has brought the negotiations to a critical stage. Theresa May will meet Donald Tusk, the President of the EU Council of Ministers,... More