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Politics Today

Premier's political editor, Martyn Eden, looks at what is happening in the corridors of power through a Christian perspective.

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There are now more women in the Westminster Parliament than ever before. 29.4% of the 650 MPs elected in May 2015 are women. More significant... More

In her first statement as Prime Minister, Theresa May said things that merit serious reflection. She listed the conditions of those who were... More

The murder of an 84 year old priest celebrating Mass in his Normandy church is but the latest in a long list of terrorist acts in more than a... More

The Investigatory Powers Bill currently being scrutinized by the House of Lords raises some serious questions both for the legislators and for... More

A controversial new vision for education in England was announced at the Church of England’s General Synod this week. The Church has a long history... More

After eleven years as leader of the Conservative Party and six years as Prime Minister, David Cameron stood down on Wednesday after Prime Minister’s... More

We are living in exceptional times. It is hard to recall one such as this in modern peace-time history. Both the major political parties are... More

In his Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Last week’s referendum... More

So, the people have voted to reverse the decision of the 1975 referendum and chosen to leave the EU. That won’t happen in a hurry because the... More

Regardless of the outcome of next week’s referendum there is a pressing need to recognise how the world is changing and the implications for... More