Thorns and Gold

Tanya Marlow likes being honest about the muck and the glory. She also likes Dr Seuss and steak. Her blog is on the Bible, suffering and the messy edges of life.

There are times when faith seems like a sturdy house, and other times when faith seems like the tiniest rowing boat, lost in an ocean of uncertainty.... More

We sat back in the airplane seats and exhaled, half- triumphantly, half-exhaustedly. We had done it – somehow we had managed to get a suitcase,... More

I believe that I have a muse, and she lives in the shower. More

When was the last time you faced a small challenge? More

This week my friend and I did a vulnerable thing – we swapped recordings of one another’s singing voices. It was both fun and scary, because... More

I have a confession: I often think of myself as a ghost. I don’t do this consciously, needless to say, but there is something about my self-identity... More

I’ve something a little different this week – a reader got in touch with her own God and Suffering story and, although I don’t usually do this,... More

Today I have something special – an exclusive interview with Tara Owens. She’s one of my dearest friends in the whole world, and she is the author... More

It always surprises me how the seemingly simple administrative tasks can floor me with grief. This year, it was the act of compiling our family... More

Thanks to an evil virus, this month I lost my voice for the first time since I was a teenager. My voice began like a choirboy’s voice breaking:... More