New beginnings ...

We are entering a new phase ...

Yeshua Explored has been going for over 4 years now, with an archive of well over four hundred articles. This archive is a comprehensive resource for those who wish to delve into the Hebraic roots of Christianity and has already blessed thousands of people worldwide.

It is time to draw a line under it, but, at the same time, venture forwards to attract a larger audience. From Monday articles will be posted weekly. They will be targeted at those who are totally new to the subject and will provide a basic introduction to the Hebraic roots. Although it will still be meat, it will be lightly cooked, not too chewy. It will still be a good read for all ... obviously! ;-)

We will start next week with an introduction, then launch into the background to Pentecost.

Now let me take the liberty to introduce you to my latest books.

HOPE is a completely different evangelistic book that is also a good read for Christians who need their faith revitalised. It has been written for our post-modern generation and presents a warts-and-all picture of the Church, with a compelling introduction to the person and mission of Jesus Messiah. It is available here.

HEBRAIC CHURCH is a call for an authentic return to the original mindset of the early Church. It addresses the mess that the historical Church has gone into and provides a plan to move forwards and return to the 'original model'. It is an entertaining but compelling read. It is available here.

Steve will be exhibiting at the Christian Resources Exhibition at Excel, London on 17th-20th May, stand T12 and will also be speaking on "Hebraic Church - a new way?" on the Tuesday at 3pm and Wednesday at 4pm. You can also listen to his interview on Premier Radio here.

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