The deepest mystery

Why is God mysterious?

What is remarkable if we reprise a little bit and realise that, apart from the overarching mystery of Christ and the Church, the other Biblical mysteries concern the Jews, marriage and end-times, three subjects our current Church really struggles with! In each case the Church generally goes with its own understanding, which is often informed by politics and society, rather than realising that it is trying to rationalise – for whatever reason – what are essentially deep mysteries. Finally, the deepest mystery of all, God and His ways. Here’s a word from Rabbi Abraham Heschel:

“To the Jewish mind the ultimate enigmas remain inscrutable. “It is the glory of God to conceal things” (Proverbs 25: 2). Man’s royal privilege is to explore the world of time and space; but it is futile for him to try to explore what is beyond the world of time and space. “Whosoever gives his mind to four things, it were better for him if he had not come into the world: what is above? What is beneath? What was before time? And what will be hereafter?” “What is too wonderful for you, do not seek, nor search after what is hidden from you. Meditate upon that which is permitted to you. Do not occupy yourself with mysteries:” Occultism is presumption. Magic, divination, necromancy are forbidden by law. “The hidden things belong to the Lord,” and from Him alone must come the knowledge and the answer.” (P. 62)

Amen to that.

Hebraic Church are people who trust their God enough to accept that there are aspects of His plans and nature that are currently concealed from us, that are mysteries. It’s a waste of time and a betrayal of our faith to try and rationalise these things. Surely that’s what faith is all about, an acceptance of that which is concealed and trust that Father knows best?

God is mysterious, He communicates with us supernaturally, through the miraculous and direct communication to our spirit, and expects us to have the wisdom to know what we accept by faith and what we can think through and argue with Him (and each other) about with our rational minds.

And one thing that has provided fuel for countless argument is the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, whom we shall meet next …

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