Yeshua Explored

Author Steve Maltz reveals more about the life and Jewish background of Jesus in this fascinating journey back to the very roots of our Christian faith. A new article is posted every Monday, with an archive of over 500 articles. More from Steve on his Saltshakers website.


Abram had exercised the same faith as his ancestor, Noah who, ten generations earlier, built a large boat at God's command, even though he was... More

Not all Canaanites were totally destroyed by Joshua's army. Some of them were to be allowed to live, usually as slaves. This was going to be... More

The second "deity" in our hall of horrors is Asherah, the goddess, also referred to as the "queen of heaven", as in this verse from Jeremiah,... More

Before we move on, it is worth taking stock and establishing a foundation. This is crucial because we are about to enter a Biblical minefield.... More

The story is quite straightforward really. God wanted to give humanity a chance after they'd blown it when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden... More

While God was building up His people with a set of instructions to keep them healthy in body and soul and protecting them with a hedge of stern... More

So, what is special about this folk? And where does it say that these people are special, chosen for some purpose? Where does it say "all peoples... More

Consider this scene. It is unprecedented in history. It is the foundation of both Judaism and Christianity, so it is possibly the most misunderstood,... More

Without the Torah, mankind would have remained rudderless, the only instructions from God having been the set of rules given to Noah, as listed... More

Let's be clear about this now. Israel is a little place, about the same size as Wales. Surrounded by thousands of miles of oil-rich desert, it... More