Yeshua Explored

Author Steve Maltz reveals more about the life and Jewish background of Jesus in this fascinating journey back to the very roots of our Christian faith. A new article is posted every Monday, with an archive of over 600 articles. More from Steve on his Saltshakers website.


The Jews are the key to God's heart. When they, as a people, rejected Jesus as their Messiah they broke His heart, but when Christians rejected... More

Rabbi Asher Levy and Rabbi Max WertheimerAsher served as a rabbi for 35 years, after entering theological school at the age of fifteen and being... More

Another Jew with his life mapped out for him, Chaim was the son of a Lithuanian Rabbi. Conversant with the Scriptures from a very early age,... More

Somewhere in suburbia a group of friends are meeting in the front room of a house. They are Christians and this is a Thursday night house group... More

Leopold learned to trust in God from an early age, having lost both parents at the age of seven. Living in an orthodox community in Hungary,... More

God hasn't given up on the Jewish people and neither should we. We have to believe that "One New Man" is indeed going to happen in its fullest... More

David was born into a religious family in Russia. He was aware of God from an early age, aware of his need for reconciliation with his maker.... More

I have wrestled with the concept of "One New Man" for many years. A website, Saltshakers, that I co-founded around 17 years ago, has had the... More

Many Biblical characters have names that remind us of God, by having el tacked onto the end. Here are a few of them: Ezeki-el (God strengthens),... More

Hebrew may be God's mother tongue, but it's an earthy language. As we have seen, it uses the mundane to express the spiritual. It employs all... More