Yeshua Explored

Author Steve Maltz reveals more about the life and Jewish background of Jesus in this fascinating journey back to the very roots of our Christian faith. A new article is posted every Monday, with an archive of over 600 articles. More from Steve on his Saltshakers website.


So, had the Children of Israel's lack of faith in God, their deliverer from Egypt, nullified God's covenant with Abraham? Moses has more to say... More

The focus now moves to North Africa, to the first Church Father to write in Latin. Tertullian was another fierce opponent of the early heretics,... More

 God may have known in advance that His kingdom of priests would fail, but He did all He could to help them to succeed. This is why He made them... More

"The people all responded together, 'We will do everything the LORD has said'."They may have meant what they said at the time, or perhaps they... More

Gnosticism is the result of thinking like a Greek and then re-moulding Christianity accordingly. This is implied by the name itself, gnosis being... More

It's now a good time to look back and summarise where we have got to in our story. Abraham was the one who found favour with God. He showed great... More