The Be Still and Know retreats are a series of retreats which take place in various locations throughout the UK in several dates within the year. The retreats give you the opportunity to step from the ordinary in search of the extraordinary presence of God. The author of the 'Be Still & Know' devotionals in Voice of Hope and an experienced retreat facilitator; Micha Jazz leads retreatants each time in a day of meditation and contemplation. Make sure to check regularly this page for upcoming retreats.

Invest in a day of personal spiritual development and return home renewed with God’s grace and love for the daily challenges of your life.

Want to know more about what a retreat is and what you should expect from the day. Then watch this Q&A video with Dr. Micha Jazz to get a better understanding of what the day offers.

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21st September


*Please note that guests must book and pay ahead of the retreat. Arriving on the day without prior booking is not possible as room space and refreshments need to be arranged ahead of time with each retreat venue.

There will be more retreats coming up! More

Retreatants said...

'The first time I have been on something like this, I would
definitely go again.'

'I recommend it. Go, relax and
learn ways to be still.’

'I loved the whole day, Micah was inspirational and very honest.
A great venue & scrummy food.’

‘The day gave me valuable space from everyday life.’

 ‘The retreat offered a good introduction to meditation. It was helpful and inspirational.'

'A great introduction for those
new to going on retreat. Go with
an open mind.’ 

 ‘It offered me a chance to draw aside, reflect and listen to God. I found the retreat affirming and a contemplative lift. Both the venue and the food was great.’

'I learned some new ways to be
still with God even though
I've been to many retreats before.
A fantastic day.’