NEWS: Church must live with history of 'saints and slave-traders', archbishop says

Being a Christian in the Church of England means living with "baggage" which includes "saints and slave-traders", the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

Justin Welby said the Church has an inheritance "to be reformed, to be repented of, to be imitated" during a virtual service on Thursday for the Confirmation of Election of Stephen Cottrell as the 98th holder Archbishop of York.

In his address following the formal election ceremony, Mr Welby said: "Living as a Christian requires us to live not only in fellowship with Christians around the world but, also, with the Church throughout time, in practice that draws us into traditional and inherited patterns.

"With the Church of England we know that some of those bring baggage.

"We find saints and slave-traders, the proud and prelatical, with the humble servant of the people.

"They are part of us, of our inheritance, to be reformed, to be repented of, to be imitated."

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