NEWS: Former chaplain to the Queen: All Christians are colour blind, racism doesn't exist

A former chaplain to the Queen said he believes Christians should not support the Black Lives Matter movement and that racism doesn't exist for Christians. 

His comments in an interview with Premier came as he was criticising St Albans Cathedral for its decision to display a 12 foot painting of a black Jesus this weekend as part of a Black Lives Matter installation. 

The Cathedral said the artwork called 'A Last Supper' by Lorna May Wadsworth is part of a prayer installation in support of Black Lives Matter where people can light a candle and say a prayer for racial justice.

But Dr Gavin Ashenden denied that racism was an issue in the first place. 

"We have a problem with racism as an idea. What it does is it suggests that the locus of human malfunctioning is located between black and white people. But actually, that's just not true," he said. 

"First of all human beings exist on a skin colour that is scaled from white to black and everything in the middle. So when does someone stop being white and start being black? Racism iconography is nonsense. There are no races, we're all mixed up. What you have is people being nasty to each other. And that covers tall people against small people, ginger people get complained against, babies get killed in the womb.

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