Tune in and meet our Make a Will specialists

This week Premier will focus on the importance of making a will and how to go about it. For a Christian drawing up a will is a wonderful opportunity to experience that it is ‘more blessed to give than to receive’.

During this week, you can hear on Premier Christian Radio, Premier Praise and Premier Gospel advice for our partners, and readings and interviews that will help you understand more about how to make your best will.

Tune in on Premier Christian Radio between 4th – 10th November and listen to our dedicated programme for Make a Will week:

On Inspirational Breakfast: Thought of the Day (Monday to Friday), interview with Vanessa Blythe (Tuesday), Claire Southall, Premier's Key Relationships Director, speak about the importance of leaving a legacy (Thursday). 
Woman2Woman special poll (Monday), and advice from Vanessa Blythe (Monday to Friday).
On Premier Drive, you can listen to Jane Whitfield  interview (Monday to Friday).

Our specialists

Vanessa Blythe, Will Writing and Estate Planning Specialist, peaceofmindservices.co.uk

Vanessa Blythe is a professional will writer, Estate Planner and the business owner of Peace of Mind Services, a Christ-centered business that recognizes people need to know and experience the peace of God in and during difficult and troubled times. It was during the process of acting as a co-executor on her step-father’s Will in 2005 that the Lord opened Vanessa eyes to see the need for her and others to be informed and proactive in preparing for the unexpected and the expected things in life; ill-health, aging and death.

At the heart of what Vanessa offers is the opportunity for individuals and families to discuss and plan ahead for the expected and unexpected events in life in order to put their house in order, providing protection for family, loved ones and home.

Vanessa now spends her time meeting with individuals, couples and families to help them put their house in order for their ‘peace of mind’. Over the years Vanessa has spoken at various seminars and events the about the importance of ‘putting your house’ in order using documents such as Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney, Funeral plans to help those people providing support and those we leave behind.

Vanessa is a committed Christian. She is a member and part of the leadership team at Kingdom Builders International Ministries (KBIM) based in South Croydon. Vanessa loves talking to and about God, music, singing, dance, reading and going out.

Peace of Mind Services provide Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and support to bereaved families within the London and the M25 area. In 2005, Vanessa found myself in the position of being a co-executor for my step-fathers estate. It was during this process that her eyes were truly opened to see the need to be informed, engaged and proactive in being prepared for the unexpected and the expected things in life: ill-health, aging and death. Her passion is people and Wills and now she spend my time meeting with individuals, couples and families to help them put their house in order for their own ‘peace of mind’. Using documents such as Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney, Pre-paid Funeral plans can help us, those around us and those we leave behind to navigate through the challenging times we will face in life.



Jane Whitfield, Head of Trusts and Charities, Barratt and Co Solicitors

Jane has extensive charity law experience and was one of the co-authors of the 3rd Edition of “Charities as Beneficiaries”, published by the Private Client Section of the Law Society and the Institute of Legacy Management. She primarily advises organisations on charity registration and governance, and will be building on her existing status in the Thames Valley as a trusted adviser for the charitable sector. Jane is particularly experienced in advising faith charities and assisting them in dealing with the unique challenges they face. Jane is also a proven specialist in relation to trusts, and has a wide variety of trustee clients. Jane often contributes technical and accounting advice that ensures that clients who are being advised by the Private Client team receive holistic advice from team members with complementary expertise.

Read the interview Jane Whitfield on Premier Christian Radio Drive (Monday)


Jane Whitfield:  The first thing is that you can choose who looks after your affairs when you're no longer here to say what you want. And the problem is if you pass away without having a will, then the government, well it's not really the government, but it's a set of legal rules that say who's going to inherit. And it may not be who you want or who you expect.

Ibe Otah:  So I made up my will when I was 35. I'm giving away my age now.

Jane Whitfield:  That fact that you've actually done one is great. Do you know the percentage of people still in England and Wales who die without one?

Ibe Otah: No.

Jane Whitfield: You'll be surprised it's coming down, but it's still 65%of people don't.

Ibe Otah: I mean, when would you say the best time is to make out a will?

Jane Whitfield:  Well, there are certain trigger points that everybody should think about when you’re starting out in married life together. That's a good point, because you're now a unit together as a couple. Maybe when you start a family, that's really important. The rules that apply without a well are particularly harsh if you're a young couple certainly young family with children under 18. Buy your first house, because that's obviously a big asset. On the other side, obviously, divorce, then if that happens, you need to think about where your estate is going to end up. And then when you gain children and grandchildren and then when you sort of lose family members later on in life. So pretty much any time once you get to 18 and above.  


Kenneth Norman Pearson, author of The Christian Steward: Rich Toward God

Ken has been involved in full time Christian work for a number of years, including working with legacy promotion. He authored Rich Toward God, a book about being Christian stewards. Ken has worked with Premier for many years and has valued that opportunity of sharing his experience with us.