Everyone needs a listening ear

Right now, across the UK, there are thousands of men and women struggling through life - and in need of a loving Christian who can be that caring, listening ear.

What is the Premier Lifeline?

Premier Lifeline, the National and only Christian Helpline in the UK, receives thousands of calls each month from hurting individuals in our community who desperately need someone to give them hope.

These are the elderly struggling from loneliness and isolation… young women struggling with an unwanted pregnancy and wondering if they should keep their baby… the mum whose wayward child has just committed suicide… the drug addict at the end of his rope with nowhere to go and no one to turn to… men and women in personal crisis in need of the hope and love of Jesus.

Everyone needs someone they can talk to when the life becomes more than we can handle or when we are faced with a situation where we don’t know how to respond. For some, theres no one to listen.

Premier Lifeline is an incredibly powerful ministry to those in need, offering hope, prayer and encouragement from a Christian perspective in the UK.

Over 152,500 hurting people called Premier Lifeline in just the past 12 months - a massive increase from the year before. Of those 152,500 calls, Premier Lifeline was only able to answer 92,500 - that means 60,000 calls were unanswered. That’s 60,000 people Premier was unable to help. For many callers, they have nowhere else to turn... 

But with your help we can change this! Premier Lifeline needs to receive £382,500 by 2nd July so that every call is answered. Your support will ensure that the Lifeline team of trained staff and volunteers is always there to answer every single call so hurting people can find real hope in any situation.

You can make a difference, and even save a life, today!


"I want to express very great thanks and gratitude for Premier Lifeline and want it to be made known. It has been more helpful to me than my church in the present crises."


"I just wanted to thank the Premier Lifeline team whose support was invaluable. I would not be alive without the service."


"I am grateful for Premier Lifeline team whose support was invaluable. I would not be alive without the service."