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A legacy is a way of showing your love and concern for those close to you, by making sure they will be provided for when you are gone. 

Building the Kingdom for future generations

As Premier steps into its 25th year of ministry next year, we can’t help but look back at the incredible vision Christians had for a distinctly Christian radio station in the UK.  And now in today’s digital age; all the new and exciting ways we are reaching out far and wide into communities to transform lives with the life-changing message of Christ.

If you have yet to make your will, to assist you, Premier has partnered with Bequeathed, an online will service where you can make a will at no cost to you. In addition, should you need help from a solicitor, they can put you in touch with one.



It’s a fact that less than half of UK adults have made a will and only 6.3% of the population has left a gift in their will.  Of those legacy gifts only a small proportion will support Christian causes and in fact only one Christian charity features in the top 25 Charities ranked by legacy income. Only Christians will support Christian causes!

Our prayer is that, if you have made your will or intend to do this, that you will consider a gift to Premier to ensure this ministry will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

Should you have questions about making a will and the importance of legacies, Premier has created a simple legacy booklet which you can download here


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Premier's Key Relationships Director

Recently I was blessed to spend a few days in Venice. It is such a beautiful city and although I had an expectation of how the city would look, nothing really prepared me for entering the city by boat where at times the views showed no signs of modernity, only the ancient.

One of the many highlights of the trip was a Vivaldi concert in one of the many beautiful churches where I heard the Four Seasons played on ancient instruments and an arrangement that literally took my breath away!

You probably already know that Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was a composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher and priest from Venice. Considered one of the greatest baroque composers, he was also renowned for his sacred choral work and more than 40 operas. His music brought, and still brings, such joy but what I didn’t know was that many of his compositions were written for the all-female music ensemble of the Ospedale della Pietà, which was a home for abandoned children and orphans. Infants of the poor were often left at the Pietà and passed through a tiny window only large enough to admit babies. Hard to imagine that this was such a regular occurrence.

For those little souls it could have been the end of achieving their potential, but instead they were raised to learn and love music. So not lives wasted, but lives lived out glorifying God through their musical efforts.

Vivaldi died in poverty at only 63 but during his relatively short life he loved the Lord, cared for the poor, and created the most amazing body of musical works that would live on to bring joy and inspiration to generation after generation. His God-given talent has blessed millions. What an amazing legacy!

God didn’t intend us all to be talented composers, lawyers, teachers, scientists…but each of us has our talents and will leave our own legacy as we live out Christ-centred lives.

We believe that everyone deserves to know that Jesus can save them and so as Premier’s audiences continue to grow – young and old – a gift in your will ensures that Premier can continue to reach even more people with the gospel. We can’t even begin to imagine how God will be using this ministry long into the future, but while Christian men and women support the work of this ministry, Premier will stand as a strong Christian voice for the UK and beyond.


Claire Southall is premier’s key relationships Director and can be contacted on 0300 777 1221 or at legacy@premier.org.uk To download a copy of Premier’s free legacy booklet please go to premier.org.uk/legacy


Premier Christian Media Trust Charity no. 287610 All legacy gifts are received into our Inspiration fund to maximise the impact of Premier’s ministry.




Claire Southall,
Premier's Key Relationships Director

How to leave a legacy to Premier

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Contact details

Email: legacy@premier.org.uk 
Phone: 0300 777 1221


Claire Southall
Premier Christian Media Trust
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Unless gifts are specified as ‘restricted’ by the legator, all legacy gifts are received into our Inspiration fund for unrestricted use by the ministry. This fund is reviewed regularly and funds designated for activities that maximise the impact of Premier’s work so that we can reach more people with the life-saving message of Jesus.

This could include:

  • Funding favourable and opportunistic projects outside Premier’s budget that strongly align with strategic ministry objectives
  • Supporting Match Funds that will increase the impact of Premier’s fundraising in order to grow the ministry
  • Supplying Capital funds relating to business critical equipment and premises requirements ensuring Premier is fit for purpose for the future
  • Addressing emergency cashflow issues if they arise