Be inspired!

The way in which you raise money for Premier is unlimited.

We’ve put a few ideas together to inspire you, but are always open to hearing your new ideas. Whatever you do, we are here to support you.

In your Home:

Ladies Night

Why not invite all the girls over and have a pamper night or watch your favourite romcom. You can charge a donation to attend and let your guests indulge in a little of what they fancy for a donation!

Curry Night

Get the lads over for a curry and some gaming! For a donation, you can cook up a pot of the hottest. Thai, Chinese or a vindaloo, it’s a surprise! Who can handle the heat?


At work

Bake off!

Could you challenge your colleagues to a bake off? Establish who’s got the finest baking skills in the office. Biscuit hearts at Valentines, hot cross buns at Easter or mince pies for Christmas…the possibilities are endless!

Dress Down Day

This is a great idea to get your workplace involved with your fundraising – a dress down day or Christmas jumpers! Why not add a twist and for an extra donation you will spend the day in your pyjamas?


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At Church

Junior Bake off!

Everyone loves messy church! How about a competition to make some sweet treats with a Bible story theme. Noah and the Ark? Jonah and the Whale? You can sell the sweet treats to your congregation after a Sunday service.

Bring & Buy Sale

Why not organize a Bring & Buy in the garden of your church? Everyone donates bits and bobs from their home which they no longer want? Invite your local community to come along on a Saturday morning to have a browse and meet their local church community.   

Quiz Night

How much do you know about the Bible? A fun challenge which could become a bit competitive! Charge on the door and as part of the evening, why not serve some drinks and nibbles?


Looking for a challenge?


Do you have an adventurous streak and laugh in the face of heights?

Something for the only the very brave

Get your friends, family or work colleagues to sponsor you to SHAVE all the hair off your head, legs or back! Don’t worry it will grow back!




Create your own blog and get customizing. Tell your story! Share your faith journey and share everywhere!


Search through your wardrobes and cupboards for things that you no longer use and pop them on Ebay. See how much you get for them! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure after all… Visit to get started & remember to choose Premier as your charity!

Social Media Ban

Could you live without Facebook or Instagram? How long could you go for? Gather sponsorship for each day you can go unconnected!  



Celebrating a milestone birthday

Would you like to celebrate your birthday by making a real difference? Why not ask for small donations to Premier instead of gifts & if you're having a party to celebrate, we can help make your celebration one-of-a-kind with balloons, posters & banners.

The Big Day!

Your wedding is such a special day for you and your loved ones. Would you like to make a special memory which will last far beyond the day? Premier can provide you with place cards to let your guests know that you have made a donation to Premier instead of a wedding favour

In Memory of a loved one

Fundraising in memory of someone is a positive way to celebrate their life. There are many ways to remember your loved one, from making a regular donation in their memory, taking on an once-in-a-lifetime challenge, to creating an in memory page on JustGiving. Should you feel it appropriate you can also collect donations at their funeral in lieu of flowers.

Click here and download your free fundraising guide as a pdf!

What your support will do
What your support will do infographic