Work in a job at Premier

Working for Premier

Premier's training and equal opportunities arrangements are subject to annual review. The Director of Operational Development, HR and Training has a personal KPI to ensure that Premier's diversity, recruitment and learning and development policies are routinely monitored and remain effective.

Development and review

One development of note in 2012 is that Premier formalised it's media internship programme. The programme is now advertised widely on an annual basis and selection is by fair and open competition. The programme offers an opportunity to graduates to learn all there is to know about radio production, outside broadcasts, events and presentation over a 12 month period. As well as in-depth on-the-job training, interns have the opportunity to develop cross platform skills in web, video and print and learn how to create content about aspects of the Christian faith.

Equality of opportunity and training

Premier Media Group is committed to increasing the value, quality and efficiency of the organisation's work by attracting and recruiting employees who are best suited to the posts as defined by the job description and person specification, and without regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability, gender identity and/or reassignment, marital status or family circumstances, or be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justifiable.

Premier's aim is to convey the Christian faith and its value to the people of the United Kingdom through radio and other media. It is therefore necessary that all employees respect our aims and Christian ethos and are sympathetic towards them. Certain roles and posts at Premier are subject to an Occupational Requirement that a successful candidate must be a practising Christian. This applies to senior and executive roles where employees must clearly agree to the Christian ethos, aims and objectives of Premier Media Group; where they have a representational role; and where they are responsible for writing, communicating and presenting Christian content. The Christian denominational affiliation, if any, of successful candidates is not imposed.

Premier's commitment to personal development applies to all staff and is delivered through:

• Induction 
• Probation 
• On the job training 
• Supervision 
• Internal transfer and promotion 
• Secondment opportunities 
• Coaching and mentoring 
• Internal and external training 
• Appraisal process