This week our focus is on physical health, and we have gathered the best from radio and digital content. Andrew Hamilton-Thomas will be investigating whether it is okay for Christians to take part in Mixed Martial Arts, Maria Rodrigues will be chatting to Chizor Akisanya about what life is like living with a disability on Woman to Woman and Loretta from Premier Drive will be exploring the connection between our mental and physical health with Rachel Newham from mental health charity Think Twice.

Is it wrong to live together as a modern day Christian couple? Is the Word still relevant? Eleasah Phoenix Louis reminds us of the Biblical realities of this new trend and how Christians can avoid it. More

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Excuses are those concise, little strings of words that we usually use to get out of uncomfortable situations and decisions or plans that we’ve committed to. Tamala Ceasar outlines the most used excuses... More

The 2014 controversial docufilm 'Fight Church' was the first in its kind to explore mixed martial arts and Christianity. In his latest feature Andrew Hamilton-Thomas questions if this is truly a Christian-friendly... More

Accountability is a word used in many church settings, coined to describe the relationship one church member can have with another, wherein at least one of the persons share a significant portion of their... More

It is during the very difficult times in our lives that our character is tested – and moulded. We are like toothpaste tubes; to get the stuff out, we must be squeezed. It really hurts, but it is necessary... More

The purpose of this article is to explain how a passion for video games can become an obsession. Based on my own experience as a former video game addict, I intend to explore the underlying cause of gaming... More

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Over the years there has been an ever-growing increase in the interest of African Spirituality within the black community, which in part has... More