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How do you start your morning?

The morning can be a tricky period at the best times. Whether you’re going to work or getting the kids ready to go to school, it always seems like there’s never enough time. Despite all this, the morning is a great time to prepare yourself for the day ahead and spend some time with God. Our digital editorial team shared what their morning routines look like:

Switching off social media 

In the digital age, the morning has often become a time of catching up. I’ve often found myself catching up with what some of my more nocturnal friends have said on Whatsapp or checking on Twitter what has been going on around the world whilst I’ve been asleep. There no doubt are many distractions that battle for my time in the morning.

Recently I have implemented a routine where I turn off internet access on my phone before I go to bed and enable it once I reach the train station in the morning. This has given me an hour, from waking, to getting on the train, where I can focus on God without the distraction of social media. Whether that’s being still for 10 minutes in prayer or singing songs on my walk to the station, it has given me the opportunity to set my mind on God to prepare me for the day ahead. Whilst the internet may not be the greatest distraction to everyone in the morning, for those similar to me, disconnecting can be a great help to communing with God first thing in the morning.

Marcus Nathan Jones, Digital Producer

Setting the premise

My morning routine is simple. I start my morning by clicking on YouTube and selecting a Gospel Jazz playlist. For me, playing Gospel Jazz in the background is calming and is a nice way to acknowledge God when I wake up. As I get ready, I pray for family, friends and myself and commit the day to God. I’m a creative, so I tend to come alive in the evening. My thoughts, ideas and time with God is spent journaling, prayer, reflection, through a mini study or ministry podcast.

Tamala Ceasar, Digital Producer

Slaying those dragons before breakfast

I’ve never been much of a morning person and I’m not convinced there’s anyone out there who is. When I wake up, I usually feel like I’ve just been in a train wreck and I’m somehow cemented to the mattress. Even when I manage to drag myself out of bed I’m still incredibly groggy and irritable. So what I’ve tried to do is follow a plan called ‘slaying those dragons before breakfast.’

I got the concept from a Christian lifestyle coach called Michael Hyatt. What it involves is targeting three areas of your life that get in the way. One is mental, the other is physical and the last one is spiritual. I try to view all of these as ‘dragons’ that I have to slay in order to be ready for the day.

I deal with the mental issue by listening to inspirational music or watching a short video. For the physical lethargy I would do 35-40 press ups and some squats to get my heart pumping. Then I’d down a couple of glasses of water before dealing with the last dragon, the spiritual one. For this I use a Bible reading program called YouVersion which takes you through the scriptures in one year. I finish this with some prayer before sitting down for my breakfast. I can always feel a difference when I do this. It really gets me ready for the day ahead!

Adam Brennan, digital producer

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