Christians have a responsibility not to waste food, says charity

Tue 10 Jan 2017
By Premier Journalist

A charity has said that Christians should show more respect to the world around them by not wasting food.

The comments come after figures were released earlier today revealing that UK households are binning £13 billion worth of food annually.

The recycling advisory body, Wrap, reported that 4.4 million tonnes of household food waste were thrown away in 2015 that could've been eaten.

The figures show that the average household in the UK is wasting £470 worth of food every year.

Speaking on Premier News Hour, Ruth Jarman, trustee at Green Christian said that food has great significance in the Christian faith and should be respected.

"Food and eating have a special place in our faith," Jarman said, "Jesus spent a lot of time eating and drinking with his disciples. The respect and gratitude for food is something we've lost in this country."

She added that Christians in the UK should think about those facing starvation across the globe before throwing food away.

"Thinking about our brothers and sisters in the global south and their lack of food, for us to waste food is a Christian issue and it cannot be right for us to waste it," Jarman said.

In response to criticism over the growing food waste mountain, environment minister Therese Coffey said: "Good progress has been made by industry to tackle food and packaging waste in the supply chain. But we all have a role to play and despite a million-tonne fall in domestic food waste since 2007, there is clearly more we need to do."

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