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Christians urged to "love their neighbour, visit a Mosque"

Fri 05 Feb 2016
By Aaron James

Christians across Britain are being urged to build bridges with Muslims in their communities by visiting a local mosque.

The Evangelical Alliance (EA) is supporting the Muslim Council of Britain's second annual Visit My Mosque day on Sunday.

It is thought around 80 mosques across the UK will open to the public on Sunday - triple the number which took part in 2015.

What is Visit My Mosque day?*

- More than 80 mosques in the UK are taking part
- Offers an insight into the day-to-day goings on of a Muslim place of worship
- Visitors will also be invited to share tea and refreshments
- Men, women and children of all ages are welcome.

*Muslim Council of Britain

The EA is concerned the number of attacks against Muslims and mosques is rising.

It claims Christians need to better understand and make an effort to forge friendships with people of all faiths, in order to fulfil Jesus' command to "love your neighbour".

General director of the Evangelical Alliance, Steve Clifford, said: "As evangelical Christians, we believe in a just and loving God. So, we cannot just stand by and watch as our Muslim neighbours are victimised or marginalised. We refuse to buy into the hateful narratives about Muslims which seem to be creeping their way into our society.

"Instead of hate, we choose to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. I'm personally heartened when I see communities where religious liberty is valued and Christians and Muslims live alongside each other well.

"Imagine how the places in which we live can be transformed by the gospel when Christians form genuine friendships with Muslims and people of all faiths and backgrounds in their areas."

People wanting to engage positively with Muslims in their area are being invited join or start a Mahabba Network group, which focuses on establishing common ground and sharing Jesus' love.

Steve added: "If visiting a mosque is something you feel you can't do, consider simply reading up a bit more about what Muslims believe through resources recommended by groups like Mahabba or simply inviting a person of another faith round for a cup of tea."

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