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Fears over TV sex and violence before the watershed

Fri 17 Oct 2014
By Joy Tibbs

New survey shows thousands of people in the UK view 'inappropriate content' before 9pm.

There are concerns about the effects that television violence, sex and bad language may have on children after new research emerged today.

A survey of more than 2,000 UK adults revealed that every single participant had viewed inappropriate content before the 9pm watershed.

Vivienne Pattison is a Christian and heads up Mediawatch-UK, which carried out the study.

The group campaigns for socially responsible media and against content that it believes is potentially harmful.

She told Premier she thinks broadcasters "seem to be getting it very wrong", adding that her organisation is worried about the potential effect on children.

She said: "We're still in the foothills of research to find out what might happen if they're exposed to a lot of sexual content early on.

"But research is showing that it's really not trivial what is coming out: things including poor self-esteem, body issues, low academic achievement...right through to quite serious things like risky sexual practices and early onset sexual practices."

She also found that, although a lot of people were unhappy, they were unlikely to complain, meaning that there isn't any real public pressure on broadcasters to change:

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