Sprinklers could have saved Catholic school hit by arson attack

Mon 02 Sep 2013
By Administrator User

St Mary's Technology College in Lancashire has been largely destroyed by the fire. 

It's claimed a Catholic school which was gutted by fire could have been saved if there was a sprinkler system installed. Five boys aged between 11 and 15 who'd been arrested on suspicion of arson have been released on bail.

125 firefighters attended the blaze at St Mary's Technology College in Leyland yesterday. Chris Kenny is Lancashire's chief fire officer.

He is now encouraging schools to make sure they have sprinklers fitted:

"If there'd been sprinklers fitted to this school, we wouldn't have had the losses we have now. 

"We encourage that people should be fitting sprinklers in schools, and if some of the people who make those decisions could see the devastation and realise the impact on the education of the community and the local people then maybe they'd think again and make sure sprinklers are fitted to new schools."

The school was due to reopen after the summer holidays tomorrow.

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