The British Medical Association (BMA) are going to ask members if it should drop its opposition to assisted suicide. More

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) - a national charity specialising in debt advice and support, have claimed that the rising number of UK households struggling... More

A pregnant mentally ill woman who has been at the centre of an abortion dispute has already given her baby a name, a lawyer said. More

Christian charities and thousands of campaigners - including the former Archbishop of Canterbury - descended... More

Parents are cutting back on fresh food and building up debts because of the two-child Universal Credit... More

A priest who defrauded the Church of England of nearly £50,000 in funeral fees will not face jail ti... More

The Queen is said to have been "empathetic" to difficulties facing refugees and asylum seekers while... More

Norwich City Council has proceeded with legal action against a church to force it to tear down a new... More

Christian pro-life supporters say the case of a mentally ill woman's near-abortion is not a one off. More

A Christian MP has said the "enforced teaching" of LGBT relationships in schools against the will of... More

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