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Alfie surviving after life-sustaining treatment turned off ‘a miracle’

Tue 24 Apr 2018
By Cara Bentley

Alfie Evans had his treatment withdrawn but breathed unassisted for 9 hours, leading to another hearing on Tuesday.

Roger Kiska, a solicitor for the Christian Legal Centre, who is supporting the parents Tom and Kate Evans, said: “It’s been a miraculous evening to say the least. Everyone anticipated that when life-sustaining measures – that being oxygen and water were removed – that for Alfie it would literally be minutes before he passed away”.

After the sustaining treatment was removed, Alfie continued to breathe for 9 hours before he was put back on support.

Alfie’s Dad said: "He's still breathing now. It's come to a point when his mum's actually asleep next to him so she can go to sleep, she feels comfortable with him," he said.

Roger Kiska said: “I would say it’s a miracle”

“This has led to him being put back on oxygen and hydration”

A High Court judge is set to oversee a further hearing on Alfie's case on Tuesday afternoon as Mr Justice Hayden is scheduled to hear more discussion at a hearing in Manchester.

A spokeswoman said the hearing was due to start at around 3.30pm.

Speaking of what may happen at this hearing, Roger Kiska said: “My gut is telling me that Alder Hey will continue arguing that it’s in Alfie’s best interests to have life-sustaining measures terminated.”

“For Tom and Kate’s part – they will say that it’s absolute not”

Alfie has been granted Italian citizenship, of which Roger said: “if another hospital is happy to take a look then they should have absolutely have every right, particularly given what happened last night, to seek treatment abroad.”

Listen to the full interview with Roger Kiska speaking to Premier's Cara Bentley here:

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