Archbishop of Wales: love is world's most powerful weapon

Fri 22 Dec 2017
By Alex Williams

The Archbishop of Wales has used his Christmas message to encourage Christians to be more loving.

Describing love as "the world's most powerful weapon", Archbishop John Davies also urged believers to show compassion for people around the world whose lives are marked by homeless, war and poverty.

He encouraged congregations to follow Jesus' example of "demonstrating a genuine, welcoming and loving concern" for others.

Archbishop John Davies wrote: "Regardless of who we are, he has something to say about the way in which we live our lives and how we are called to show loving concern, not just for ourselves but for the millions of needy people, people at home and abroad, people in our own communities and the far-away communities of other nations in the world; people whose life-stories of need and despair daily appear in our news: among them are homeless people, refugees, victims of armed conflict and poverty, persecution and prejudice, depravation of food and opportunity..."

The Church in Wales leader also referenced the biblical accounts of shepherds and the Magi being led to visit the baby Jesus as proof God wants to speak to "ordinary people" and "people of influence"

Church in Wales


He added: "His [Jesus] very clear message for those who have responsibility for leading and governing the world's societies is that power is to be exercised within the framework of that concern as, even in our own society, divisions between the haves and the have-nots appear to grow ever wider, and as the voices suggesting that we should be concerned only for ourselves seem to get louder and louder."

"I wish you the truth and blessing of Jesus for the Christmas Season, for the new Year and beyond."

Archbishop John Davies shall be preaching at Brecon Cathedral on Christmas Day morning.

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