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BNP cites archbishop in election manifesto

Sat 16 Apr 2016
By Antony Bushfield

The BNP has cited the Archbishop of Canterbury's views on immigration in its election manifesto for London mayor.

In a booklet sent to all London homes ahead of the mayoral election the party's candidate said he was delighted when Justin Welby branded it outrageous to label people concerned about migration as racist.

David Furness said he was a practising member of the Church of England and promised to stop the "Islamification of London".

"I was delighted when the Archbishop of Canterbury publicly labelled it outrageous to describe people who are worried about the impact of immigration as racist," he said.


In March Archbishop Justin said it was "absolutely outrageous" to suggest that people are racist if they're concerned about large numbers of migrants coming to Britain.

Most Revd Justin Welby said people are entitled to fear the impact of uncontrolled migration on their communities.

In an interview with Parliament's The House magazine, he said that the scale of the migrant crisis meant such anxieties were entirely reasonable.

"Fear is a valid emotion at a time of such colossal crisis. This is one of the greatest movements of people in human history. Just enormous. And to be anxious about that is very reasonable," he said.

"There is a tendency to say 'those people are racist', which is just outrageous, absolutely outrageous."

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Mr Furness is among 12 people standing to be mayor of the capital in May's election.

The BNP has often faced accusations of being racist, which it denies.

In June 2014 the Church of England's House of Bishops voted to make membership or support of the British National Party a potential disciplinary offence for its clergy.

After making the decision the bishops said they had took into account the BNP's election manifesto.

A recent opinion poll for ITV London and LBC suggested the BNP would receive less than one percent of the vote.

Click here for a full list of those standing to be London mayor.

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