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Baptist Assembly praised for gender balance among speakers

Tue 06 Jan 2015
By Marcus Jones

The Baptist Assembly, along with the Church and Media Conference, has topped a list of Christian events that had the most gender balanced platforms in 2014.

Both gatherings had a 50/50 split between male and female speakers.

The two conferences were followed closely by the Youthwork Summit and Youthwork conference which carried a 54/46 and 57.5/42.5 split, respectively.

The list has been put together by the group Project 3:28 which launched to 'build a movement of women and men committed to challenging imbalance and promoting gender justice in language, action and culture'.

Overall improvement for the number of female speakers at the Christian events analysed was 9%, female speakers contributing 25% in 2013, and 34% in 2014.

A number of events including Soul Survivor and Premier's Christian New Media Conference put specific measures in place to improve the balance of their speakers.

Platform Balance 2014 (men/women):
1. (Joint) Church and Media Conference, Baptist Assembly (50/50)
2. Youthwork Summit (54/46)
3. Youthwork Conference (57.5/42.5)

The events that have improved most since 2013 are:
1. Baptist Assembly (up 25%)
2. One Event (up 22%)*
3. New Horizon (up 21%)
4. (Joint) Keswick, HTB Leadership

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