Bear Grylls cartoon deal struck

Sun 26 Mar 2017
By Alex Williams

Christian adventurer and broadcaster Bear Grylls is to be recreated in cartoon-form, for a new children's television programme to air next year.

Aimed at both boys and girls, the Young Bear Grylls show will feature a twelve year old Grylls and adventures inspired by his schooldays.

He was quoted by the Telegraph as saying the animation will be "all about bringing the spirit of adventure and exploration to kids in a way that fires their imagination and brings out the survivor in them".

There are plans for the episodes to be broadcast in other countries, and for a new merchandise range including action figures and books.

Platinum Films, an independent production company based at Pinewood in Buckinghamshire, saw off competition from major studios secured a deal to make the programme.

Alaska National Guard


Founder, Nigel Jones, was quoted by Telegraph as saying: "His kind, his courage - these are the qualities I would want in a hero of one of our shows.

"The most important thing for Bear's camp, and for us, is that we inspire children. Kids watch TV and it influences them, so why not influence for good?"

Jones add the young Grylls will be a "normal boy" who also does "exciting things".

One of the youngest people to ever climb Mount Everest, Bear Grylls became an SAS soldier before marking a number of adventure-themed television programmes.

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