Bishop of London and Sadiq Khan host interfaith Ramadan event at St Paul's Cathedral

Wed 08 May 2019
By Ruth Sax

St Paul's Cathedral played host to an interfaith event on Tuesday to mark Ramadan.

Bishop of London Rt Rev Sarah Mullally and the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan welcomed a host of young people from different religions ahead of an Iftar where Muslims break their fast.

Speaking to Premier at the event, Mr Khan said: "I want to pay huge tribute to the Bishop of London and everyone at St Paul's Cathedral for opening up this really special cathedral and spiritual home of many Londoners.


"As a city, we don't just tolerate difference, but we respect it, celebrate it and we embrace it."

"Those of us that believe in pluaralism and believe the fact that we have more in common than that which divides us and separates us.

"The message from London is that we are going to put down bridges rather than build walls."

The Naz Legacy Foundation in partnership with The Randeree Charitable Foundation and Pears Foundation presented the annual cross faith event.

Over one hundred young Londoners from different faiths, or none, come together to discuss their faith and how to bring different communities in London together within a spirit of community, unity and public service.

Each year it is held in a different religious location across London and this year for the first time it was at St Paul's Cathedral.

Both Sarah Mullally and Sadiq Khan gave an address before speaking with the young people to discuss their faiths and experiences they have faced.

Afterwards, the young leaders along with church and political leaders shared an Iftar meal together at the Guildhall.

Speaking to Premier about the event, Bishop Sarah said: "It's so important, particularly at this moment that we put events on where people of different faiths and no faith can come together.

"Because actually by talking you find out what you have in common but you also find out what you don't and you can celebrate that difference.

"In a world where there are increasing divisions it is so important that we provide these opportunities to be able to celebrate what we have in common together."

An Iftar is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

Muslims break their fast at the time of their evening call to prayer.

Ramadan began at the beginning of this week (May 5) and ends in the evening of Tuesday, June 4.

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