Brexit has overshadowed UK poverty, says CAP

Wed 26 Jun 2019
By Heather Preston

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) - a national charity specialising in debt advice and support, have claimed that the rising number of UK households struggling to pay their bills have been side-lined by the government due to Brexit.

New figures released by the charity showed that almost a third of its clients were classed as destitute with some regularly unable to afford basic supplies such as milk and bread.

The study entitled 'Left Destitute by Debt' found that on top of lacking daily essentials, more than a quarter of those experiencing destitution lacked at least one essential household item, such as a bed, cooker or washing machine.


CAP have challenged the UK government to acknowledge the severity of the problem and take action to ensure everyone in the country has a decent standard of living.

CAP CEO Matt Barlow said: "We feel the Government have a poverty blind spot currently with other issues like Brexit seemingly taking precedence.

"More has to be done to protect the most vulnerable in this country and we need to look again at UK poverty and prioritise solutions to ensure no one is left destitute."

According to the report, 37 per cent of UK households living in poverty go without lighting at least once a week, whilst three in five lacked warm and cold weather clothing.

Dawn Stowbart, CAP's Director of external affairs told Premier: "There's 14.2 million people in the UK in destitution, who are really struggling to put food on the table for their families, to be able to heat their homes, to have a bed.

"Many of the families that we're working with are living with an income less than £11,000 a year - we've seen a benefit freeze for three years.

"We've seen reductions in benefits - particularly in housing, up to 25 per cent and all these problems are escalating."

CAP have called on the government to develop affordable options for council tax repayments and to raise benefits in line with inflation.


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