Brits out of touch with reality, Christians urged to buck trend

Wed 14 Dec 2016
By Aaron James

With new figures showing Brits have several incorrect perceptions of reality, Christians are being urged to get clued up and do their homework on the facts.

A study by Ipsos Mori found Brits have distinctly inaccurate ideas about a variety of things.

For example the poll found we think 1 in 6 Britons are Muslim when fewer than 1 in 20 are in reality.

We also think Brits are much more miserable than they really are. The poll found Brits believe less than half the country (47 per cent) think others would say they're rather or very, when in reality almost all of the country (92 per cent) would say they are.
Rev Dr Bob Mayo is a vicar in west London and has published research analysing the perceptions of young people.

Speaking on Premier's News Hour regarding inaccuracies about Islam, he said Christians can do more to learn from people rather than the media.

"We can be more robust about our own thinking," he said. "I've got little time for the word tolerance.

"We need to talk about respect rather than tolerance that would get us alongside straight away.

"It's slightly patronising to talk about dialoguing with Muslims rather than evangelising.

"If we talk about evangelism rather than dialogue we're sharing what is deepest in our hearts with them and listening to who they are... if we thread in a bit of hope and happiness then relationship building with a Muslim is no different to relationship building with anyone."

Listen to Premier's Marcus Jones speaking to Rev Dr Bob Mayo on the News Hour:

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