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Christian Medical Fellowship concerned UK aid may be supporting illegal abortions

Mon 03 Dec 2018
By Marcus Jones

The Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) is calling on the government to investigate claims that millions of pounds of aid money may be being used to support illegal abortions.

The doctors group is responding to news that Kenya has banned Marie Stopes from carrying out terminations.


It's after the organisation was accused of breaking the rules on advertising abortions.

CMF claims money from the Department for International Development has been given to Marie Stopes to provide sexual health care to parts of Africa but it is concerned that money has been used to promote abortion.
Philippa Taylor, Head of Public Policy at CMF told Premier's News Hour the situation is currently unclear.

She said: "The whole issue is really murky.

"There's a complete lack of transparency and accountability in this area.

"We don't know the answer to that question which is one of the reasons we're so concerned."

The Department for International Development has told Premier there is no evidence that aid money has been misspent.

In a statement, it said: "No UK aid money is being used to fund illegal abortions in Kenya. The UK is currently developing a new programme, which will provide £36m to support the Government of Kenya to increase access to modern family planning services between 2019 and 2024.
"Family planning services will be delivered as part of a comprehensive package of sexual and reproductive health services in-line with DFID policy and global best practice. In Kenya, any provision of safe abortion services will only be supported within the parameters set out in the Kenyan Constitution."

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