Christian charity finds half of kids don't feel comfortable talking to parents about drugs

Wed 13 Mar 2019
By Premier Journalist

Christian drug prevention charity say half of children don't feel comfortable talking to parents about drugs.

Hope UK says parents and carers need to talk to children about drugs as their survey found 50% of young people don't feel comfortable talking to their parents and carers about drugs.

The other 50% of young people strongly disagreed, disagreed or were not sure with the statement that they don't feel comfortable talking to their parents or carers about the issue.

Hope UK says talking to parents must become easier because 50% of those same young people will statistically have been offered drugs by the time they reach 15 years old.

The charity met 75,000 young people and adults across the UK last year to help them understand more about the issue.

130 people taught 2,250 sessions across the UK, in schools, colleges, libraries, churches and stands.

After this, 68% of young people agreed or strongly agreed that they felt comfortable talking to their parents about drugs, with a 22.5% increase compared to responses prior to the sessions.

The charity's deputy CEO, Joe Griffiths told Premier it is difficult for parents: "As a parent myself, I don't really want to have that conversation - you know, in my mind, I'm thinking this is going to be a difficult conversation to have and I probably ought to avoid it. And I think actually that feeds into this idea that we don't want to talk about it."

Griffiths told Premier: "Once you verbalise it and talk about it, you make young people realise that it's not this big taboo subject - they're much more willing to talk about it."

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