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Christian child care expert: "We desperately need more midwives"

Tue 23 Feb 2016
By Hannah Tooley

A Christian maternity nurse has told Premier that hospitals desperately need more midwives. 

Rachel Waddilove was speaking as a major review recommends pregnant women in England are given their own budget to spend on maternity services.

She told Premier's News Hour the idea is brilliant but there must be enough staff to ensure it works.

The NHS review is recommending that pregnant women in England are given their own budget to spend on maternity services, exactly the way they want.

£3,000 would let mums-to-be have more choice about things like how and where they give birth, and which hospital they go to for their check-ups.

It can also be spent on certain treatments like hypnotherapy.

Births 2014:

664,543 births in England 

87% of births took place in hospital

11% in midwife-led units

2% at home

Rachel Waddilove is backing a number of aspects of the review. She said: "What I think is really great is that a mother would have the same person looking after her through her pregnancy, through her birth and then to follow her up afterwards, and I know that lots and lots of mothers really want that sort of care."

She continued: "Nearly all my mums say they've had so much different advice given to them as to the care of their baby, once their baby is born, and I think that would be really helpful to have that same person on with the mother once the baby is born."

Rachel Waddilove also commented that mums with any risk of birth complications need to be in hospital surrounded by the appropriate practitioners and equipment.

She said: "With safety that's paramount isn't it? And if there's any sort of a risk at all then mum needs to be in hospital - but having said that if everything's normal and mum's doing fine then a home-birth can be lovely."

Listen to Premier's Aaron James speak to Rachel Waddilove here:

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