Christian colleges experience higher satisfaction rates than other universities

Sat 28 Jul 2018
By Eno Adeogun

Students of Christian colleges are more satisfied than those at other universities.

A new National Student Survey found that 96 per cent of students at Christian colleges are content with their learning. However, the overall percentage of students who are satisfied with their course and institution has fallen for the second year in a row, with half of them with students unsatisfied.

In All nations Christians College in Hertfordshire, 100 per cent of the students were content with their studies. The college's principal Andy Dipper told Premier what's behind Christians colleges scoring so well.


"Christians are wanting to get serious about understanding God's word, to understand biblical truths, to understand the context of the theological understanding and certainly to understand the culture in which we operate.

"So no one is going to drift into a Bible college by mistake…"

In total, 83 per cent said they were content with their higher education experience, down from 84 per cent last year. Some 8 per cent saw no change in satisfaction rates.

Dipper said there are simple ways universities can improve satisfaction levels.

"One level is about really taking seriously everything that people say and on another level it's about saying, 'well what can we do better? What can we really aspire to? What can we really plan ahead for, for the future' never standing still."

The figures, published by the Office for Students, are based on the views of more than 320,000 students - mainly final-year undergraduates, and cover universities and colleges that offer higher education courses.

Results from all Christian colleges:

  • All Nations Christian College Limited 100 per cent
  • Assemblies of God Incorporated 93 per cent
  • Cliff College 100 per cent
  • CWR 100 per cent
  • ForMission Ltd 93 per cent
  • Holy Cross College 95 per cent
  • London School of Theology 94 per cent
  • Moorlands College 95 per cent
  • Nazarene Theological College 100 per cent
  • Spurgeon's College 100 per cent
  • St Mellitus College Trust 96 per cent
  • The Cambridge Theological Federation 90 per cent
  • The Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education 86 per cent
  • The Salvation Army 100 per cent
  • Trinity College (Bristol) Limited 100 per cent

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