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Christian counsellor: Look to Jesus for how to deal with anger

Tue 21 Aug 2018
By Tola Mbakwe

A retired anger management counsellor has called for people to follow in Jesus' footsteps when it comes to handling anger.

Judith Bradley, who is a Christian, said it's okay to feel anger but it's what someone does with the emotion that matters.


"Jesus got angry and he got angry with injustice and that's a very normal feeling about things that are bad," she said.

"Jesus dealt with it by acknowledging that and addressing people that were causing the anger in a way that was clear and understandable."

Her comments came after charity Police Now launched a campaign on Tuesday which encourages people to think again about seemingly socially acceptable acts of anger as society faces a recent increase in violent crime.

Scientific evidence shows that it takes just 90 seconds for the neurotransmitters that cause anger to flush out of our systems.

The Take:90 campaign included 90 second content including films, meditation and new 'angrymojis' for social media.

Bradley told Premier: "Anger is a very strong feeling of being uncomfortable or displeasured. The sort of things that upset us are when we feel a lack of respect or not getting what we want or, quite often, fear.

"It can cause high blood pressure and heart disease and all other sorts of stressful conditions. It is important to deal with it. If it's bottled up, the silent anger is just as dangerous as the outbursts of anger that we can experience."

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