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Christian groups in Parliament 'have never been stronger'

Mon 30 Apr 2018
By Alex Williams

Christian groups catering for politicians and civil servants at Parliament "have never been stronger", a Christian MP has told Premier.

Stephen Pound referred to weekly church services held at the Palace of Westminster and other gatherings where Christianity is explored, during an interview on Premier's News Hour.

The Labour representative for Ealing North said: "The parliamentary Christian groups now are much better than they've ever been in my 21 years [in Parliament].

"We have the Anglican service every Tuesday afternoon at 1pm and the Roman Catholic full Mass service at 6pm every Wednesday."

Referring to a group which hosts events and discussion groups exploring the relevance of Jesus in personal and political life, he added: "We have Christians in Parliament.

"We have Bible study class on Wednesday mornings - it's never, ever been stronger."

Mr Pound was responding to a question over whether the recent Windrush scandal highlighted a lack of compassion in Parliament.

He said the "overwhelming majority" of politicians felt "horrified by the lack of compassion" shown to people of Caribbean backgrounds refused access to public services or threatened with deportation despite having lived in the UK for decades.

The 69 year old spoke after Sajid Javid was made the new Home Secretary following the resignation of Amber Rudd, who faced intense pressure of her handling of the scandal - as the Government minister responsible for the Home Office.

Highlighting evangelical and Pentecostal churches in London who have reached out to families affected by the scandal, Mr Pound added: "With some of the elderly, particularly the Caribbean people... who did they go to in the first place?

"They went to see their pastor, they didn't go to see their MP or their councillor - it was the Church... because the Church still speaks with moral authority."

Click here to listen to Premier's Eno Adeogun speaking with MP Stephen Pound:

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