Christian man who regrets gender transition calls for greater caution around operations

Mon 14 Oct 2019
By Heather Preston

A Christian man is calling for the medical community to take greater caution before approving gender-realignment surgery after being left unable to reverse his own procedure.

It comes as figures released by the NHS reveal a 2,500% increase in referrals to gender identity clinics over the past decade.

Peter Benjamin, who has since become a Christian, underwent surgery to remove his genitalia and ‘become a woman’ in September 2015 after losing his wife to cancer three years earlier.


This followed an on-going addiction to alcohol and cross-dressing, with him experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts in the past.

Benjamin began identifying as “Victoria” and purchasing unregulated hormones online before approaching his GP in 2012.

Following an NHS mental health referral, Benjamin was told, despite the evidence of suicidal thoughts and mental health issues on his medical records, that he had “no underlying medical condition” and was automatically put on a private waiting list for a gender identity clinic, where he began gender reassignment treatment.

In 2015, Benjamin was referred for full gender reassignment surgery on the NHS, which was fast-tracked at the government’s expense to a private clinic where he had the labiaplasty operation to remove his genitalia.

In a statement to Christian Concern, Benjamin said: “I never thought cross-dressing would lead me to having an operation to become a woman. I had addictions […] but at every appointment, whether with the NHS, privately, or at transgender support groups, I was encouraged to carry on the path to gender reassignment surgery.”

Benjamin went on to say that he later regretted the surgery that had been delivered with “no caution or restraint” and at the cost of thousands of pounds to the NHS.

He said he remembered thinking: “There is something wrong, this isn’t right for me, but it’s too late, I’ve changed everything, it’s too late.”

At a Good Friday service in 2019, Benjamin made the decision to throw out his female clothes and become Pete again.

“When I was a woman, I wasn’t free,” he said. “Now I can just come out and be me. I’ve got God, I’ve got freedom and I am happy.”

Benjamin, who began cross-dressing at an early age has since expressed his concern for the growing exposure young children have to transgender ideals and has called on the government and the education system to consider new reforms.

He said: “Children are impressionable, the government can’t see what harm they are doing, and I appeal to them and the Department for Education to halt this influence in schools now.”


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