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Christian mums happier in relationships than non-believers

Mon 21 Nov 2016
By Alex Williams

Christian mothers are significantly happier in their relationships than those who do not hold a faith, a new report has concluded.

According to Marriage Foundation, 45 per cent of believer mums consider themselves happy in their relationships, compared to 32 per cent of those who aren't religious.

Research Director, Harry Benson, said: "Religion and culture provide the lens through which individuals see the world, our worldview. It is no surprise that this foundation affects the way we do family."

Analysing data collected by 15,000 mothers in the Millennium Cohort Study, the think-tank, which promotes stable families, also found Muslim women are more likely than Christian women to be in a long-term, happy relationship.

Harry Benson, who compiled the research with Professor Steve McKay of the University of Lincoln, said: "Relationship success is about give and take.

"It is about compromise and working as a team. Perhaps Muslim culture instils a greater sense of interdependence and is less embracing of individualism."

Sir Paul Coleridge, chair and founder of Marriage Foundation, commented: "These findings are truly startling. It appears at first counter intuitive that Muslim women have such successful relationships when many are in arranged marriages.

"In fact, Muslims in arranged marriages have many of the ingredients for a really successful long term marriage. They enter marriage without artificial and unreal 'celebrity' expectations or a belief that they merely have to bump into a perfect partner and from then on no effort will be needed.

"No one is suggesting a return to arranged marriages but we can surely all learn a lot about what makes marriages work in the long run from these findings."

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