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Christian youth worker: Social media could be behind increase in cosmetic surgery

Mon 08 Feb 2016
By Hannah Tooley

2015 saw more cosmetic surgeries in Britain than ever before and that could be down to the pressure social media puts on people to look good, according to a Christian youth worker. 

There were 51,140 surgical procedures last year, compared to 45,406 the year before.

Rachel Gardner, who is also the author of 'Cherished' a book on body image, has been speaking on Premier's News Hour. She said: "I wonder if there's a big increase in terms of social media and a lot more emphasis on how we present ourselves and judge ourselves on how we look.

Most common operations: 
Breast augmentation up 12% to 9,652
Eyelid surgery up 12% to 8,689

"And I think there's also a sense if you can do something and you have the money, why wouldn't you do it?"

She said that we need to educate young people about their value: "Your self-esteem, your-self-worth can't start with how you look, it's got to come from somewhere much deeper.

"And I believe that the God who made us, He's the one that can inform us about our self-worth."

The figures also showed that men's cosmetic surgery is on the rise.

Rachel Gardner said:" Sometimes we believe the myth, that it's just women and how they look but men and teenage boys increasingly are feeling under loads of pressure to look a certain way."

On young people she said: "We need to be reminding them that who they are is worth much more than how they look."

Listen to Premier's Hannah Tooley speak to Rachel Gardner here:

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