Christians "more happy than atheists"

Wed 03 Feb 2016
By Alex Williams

A new survey has found that Christians experience higher levels of happiness, life satisfaction and self-worth than people who do not have a faith.

As part of the "Measuring National Well-being" research, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) questioned 300,000 people between 2012 and last year.

In a table measuring happiness, Christians apparently scored themselves more highly than every each religious category except Hindus.

Which faith group is happiest?*

No religon: 7.22
Christian (all denominations): 7.47
Buddhist: 7.41
Hindu: 7.57
Jewish: 7.37
Muslim: 7.33
Sikh: 7.45
Any other religon: 7.26

*Figures: Office for National Statistics. On a scale where zero is 'not at all happy' and ten is 'completely happy'

According to the ONS, Christians are happier than those of no religion, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs.

Similarly, Christians came in joint first place with Hindus in the life satisfaction index and they were ranked second in terms of self-worth, behind followers of Judaism.

Speaking on Premier Christian Radio's News Hour, Christian psychologist and retired psychology teacher, Nadia Foster, said: "People think all religions are the same but they're not. Those of us who are Christian say it's a relationship and not a religion. That makes a difference because you're having a relationship with a living God."

"One of the verses in the Bible [is] 'I have learned to be content in all situations'. There can be an element of sadness because everything that happens in our life isn't wonderful but in the midst of it, as a Christian, you know that it's okay."

Listen to Nadia Foster speaking to Hannah Tooley on the News Hour here:

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