Church must be a "key partner" in tackling climate change, says Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Mon 14 Dec 2015
By Aaron James

The Archbishop of Canterbury has welcomed the Paris COP21 climate change deal, saying the church must be a "key partner" in achieving its targets to lower global warming.

Most Revd Justin Welby was speaking after world leaders from 195 countries agreed on a legally-binding deal to keep temperatures rises to no more 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels.

He also said the deal was a "remarkable achievement", considering the number of countries who committed and the fact many are heavily dependent on the consumption or sale of energies which produce large amounts of greenhouse gasses.

The Christian conservation charity A Rocha has criticised the UK government for getting rid of several green tariffs and subsidies, however the Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has told the BBC it is "absolutely committed" to making the Paris COP21 deal a reality and it will be "making sure we deliver on it."

Mr Welby said: "I warmly welcome the agreement that almost 200 states came to in Paris on Saturday, setting a clear and ambitious path towards tackling global climate change.

"Those most affected by climate change are the poor. In our prayers and actions we must demonstrate our love for them through sustainable and generous innovation.

"The success of the negotiations to bring together so many different countries and groups to an agreement is a remarkable achievement.

"The global church – extraordinarily led on the issue of climate change by Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch – must be a key partner in tackling climate change."

Andrew Hogg, from Christian Aid, said "It's hugely significant. It basically ushers in a new era for the planet in terms of countries at last showing a unified approach to tackling climate change.

"It's a whole different horizon. It's a horizon where you've got optimism, ambition, cohesion."

Listen to Premier's Hannah Tooley speaking to Andrew Hogg on the News Hour:

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