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Churches mark Mothering Sunday

Sun 26 Mar 2017
By Alex Williams

Churches across the country are celebrating Mothering Sunday, with many offering special prayers and flowers for mothers, and all women.

They have been encouraged to mark the occasion by Mother's Union, which has produced a series of special resources for church leaders.

Churches have also been encouraged to include those who come from broken families or for whom Mothering Sunday is a difficult time.


Daniel McAllister from Mother's Union told Premier his advice to leaders: "Where you come across a situation where something might be difficult ...pull somebody to the side and say, 'If you're looking for prayer, if you're looking for someone to talk to, I can be that person.

"Recognise that Mothering Sunday, despite its name, is something of an institution [about] love of relationships and care for each other, and that can be found in the most unexpected of circumstances.

"I would say clergy need to look out for that."

A quarter a children are now estimated by the Gingerbread charity to live in single parent households while government statistics say four in ten marriages end in divorce.


Daniel McAllister added: "Yes, it Mothering Sunday but where there is a strong relationship and where there is love, let’s recognise that.

“I think there's a message in that for people with broken families. I think we need to support people in those situations.”


Mother’s Union has offered a pray for churches to use which says: “Dear Jesus, we thank you for mothers and carers everywhere and for the special love they have for their children.

"We thank you Jesus for your special care and comfort and the perfect love you have for us all. Help us all to show your love to those who care for us, and to the people that we meet in our lives. Amen"

Listen to Premier's Alex Williams speaking with Daniel McAllister:

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