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Clergyman to sue bishop's office after reference labels him a drunk

Sun 20 Mar 2016
By Marcus Jones

A clergyman is to sue the offices of two different bishops after he was refused a job on the basis of an employment reference.

Revd Dr Jonthan Morshead Knight claimed an offer of a £51,000 a year job for the Archbishops' Council was retracted after the office of the Bishop of Ely claimed he was often drunk in bed when he should have been at services.

The would be employer was told Dr Morshead Knight had been "drunk in bed when he should have been taking services".

He claimed releasing the 'untrue' information was a breach of the data protection laws.

The offer of a higher education adviser job with the Archbishops' Council was withdrawn in 2013, according to a High Court writ seen by The Sun on Sunday.

Similar action is being taken against the office of the Bishop of Oxford for handing over private details to an office in Cambridgeshire.

It's claimed a HR Director had warned Dr Morshead Knight's "unsatisfactory behaviour relating to alcohol in a number of places was well known and widespread".

He denies this information and is seeking compensation for distress, loss of earnings and future pension.

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