Dan Walker sets the record straight on Creationism and his faith

Thu 20 Oct 2016
By Aaron James

The BBC Breakfast presenter and Christian Dan Walker has set the record straight on his views about how the world was made. 

Dan Walker firmly believes that God made the world but wouldn't be drawn on further definitions beyond that.


He was speaking to the Daily Mirror on the release of his second football book: Magic, Mud and Maradona.

Mr Walker, who also presents the BBC's Football Focus programme, joined the Breakfast team earlier this year and faced criticisms that his Christian faith would impede his work.

The Daily Telegraph columnist Rupert Myers said at Mr Walkers appointment: "Creationists cannot be trusted to report objectively... or to interact reasonably with their interviewees and with the public."

The pundit, who does not work on Sundays because of family and church commitments, said afterwards that his faith would not affect his work as a breakfast presenter.

Dan Walker told the Daily Mirror: "I have never, and will never, describe myself as a creationist.

"As a Christian, just like every Christian, Jew and Muslim, I believe that God is behind creation. But that is it.

"I want to live in a world where we can have different views on things. An atheist can interview a Hindu about the intricacies of their faith. I don't understand why we are terrified of people who think slightly differently to the way we do."

"I am a Christian essentially and that's the bottom line. And I've been in the industry for 20 years. In that time I think I have mentioned my faith on air once, when Johnny Rotten called me a Bible basher. We laughed about it at the time."

"I've never shoved it down anybody's throat. Some of the stuff written surprised me and some of it I found quite funny and ignorant in equal measure."

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